The Story of Our Tile Business

The Story of Our Tile Business

This blog post will delve into how we got inspired and transformed our dream of starting a tile business into a reality.

I never imagined I would one day find myself in Iran, riding in my father's car with my German boyfriend and stopping at various points of interest.
It was the first time my boyfriend and I traveled to Iran together, and I certainly didn't expect it see him falling in love with the country or the people. But he did, which happened on our road trip through central Iran...

I visited Bazar in Isfahan and got to know one of the significant and well-known Tile Studios there. The owner gave us a private tour of his studio and let us discover the thousands of tiles for hours. All hand-painted, handmade, and gorgeous!

We loved it and returned some of that art to Berlin. This is how we found out about oriental arts. And we started our journey: Discovering hidden treasures from all over Iran, bringing them together.
We both agreed this beauty deserves more audience, and European homes can be elevated by warm and Persian art. I want people in Europe to feel like they are in Isfahan when they enter their houses and apartments having our tiles.

Remembering all these pieces are unique and beautiful but also live with their story behind them.

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