Must-have Bathroom Features

Boutique Looking Bathrooms

Transform your bathroom into a boutique-style retreat with exclusive handmade tiles. From vibrant patterns to subtle textures, our tiles offer a myriad of design possibilities for creating a boutique atmosphere. You can reimagine your space with personalized vanities, unique mirrors, and sculptural tubs that speak volumes about your style and sophistication.

Whether you're in the midst of a remodeling project or sketching out the floor plan for your new home, we've compiled a list of essential features for crafting your dream bathroom.

Patterned Tile Basin Backsplash and Stand with Exposed Gold Pipes and Bib Taps

Turn your bathroom into a masterpiece with our patterned tile basin backsplash and stand featuring exposed gold pipes and bib taps. The combination of intricate tile patterns and luxurious gold accents creates a focal point that adds a touch of opulence to your space. Embrace the artistry of handmade tiles for a basin backsplash that is both functional and visually stunning.

Patterned tile basin backsplash and stand with exposed gold taps

Luxury Mirror

Upgrade your bathroom with a luxurious mirror that goes beyond basic reflection. Our handmade tiles complement the elegance of a statement mirror, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Dimmers add a touch of sophistication, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

Duche/Shower with Frontal Decoration Made of Colored Waterproof Clay Tiles

Immerse yourself in a shower experience like no other with our colored waterproof clay tiles. These tiles not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom but also provide a durable and water-resistant solution. Elevate your shower space with frontal decorations that showcase the beauty of handmade tiles, bringing artistry into every corner of your bathroom.

Duche/Shower with frontal decoration made of colored waterproof clay tiles

Frameless Pivot Door Shower Enclosure

Experience the ultimate in modern design with our frameless pivot door shower enclosure. The clear glass and seamless design create a spacious and inviting atmosphere. Say goodbye to framed showers and curtains, and embrace the sleek elegance of a frameless enclosure featuring our exquisite handmade tiles.

Inside the Shower

Make your shower a sanctuary with thoughtful additions. A built-in seat or shelf adds both functionality and style, while a hand shower enhances the ease of use. Integrate a rain showerhead mounted to the ceiling for a spa-like experience. Our handmade tiles add a touch of luxury to your shower space, creating a harmonious and visually appealing environment.

A built-in shelf in the shower backed with patterned tiles

Towel Warmers

Indulge in the luxury of warm towels with our handmade tiles. Create a cohesive look by matching towel warmers to other fixtures and accessories. With temperature regulation and smart home integration, our towel warmers elevate your bathroom experience, providing comfort and convenience.


Revitalize your bathroom with the timeless beauty of Orientile's handmade tiles, where every detail speaks of craftsmanship and creativity. Elevate your space and make a lasting difference with our exquisite collection.