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Bam Citadel Exclusive Clay Wall Tile

Bam Citadel Exclusive Clay Wall Tile

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Bam Citadel Exclusive Clay Wall Tile

The Irreplaceable Heritage Collection

Unveil the exclusivity of the Bam Citadel with our Exclusive Clay Wall Tile. These handcrafted tiles, produced 40 years ago, are a rare and unique find. Backed at 1250 degrees, they stand as a testament to the rich history of Persian craftsmanship.


Create a stunning feature wall in your kitchen, living room or indulge your creative DIY spirit.These hand painted pieces are both functional and decorative!

Material and Quality

They are crafted from high-quality fine and glazed clays. These tiles are durable and long-lasting, ensuring they will maintain their beauty for years.


Fine and glazed clays

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