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Circle of Blue Tile

Circle of Blue Tile

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Handcrafted Oriental Tiles for Timeless Elegance

Circles Design - Reflecting Stability and Assurance

Circles provide a feeling of stability and assurance. Recreate the feeling of trust with rounded pattern Persian mosaic wall art. The hand-painted design is unique and incorporates navy blue and white. The brightness of the tile uplifts the dark. 


These tiles are ideal for creating a stunning feature wall in your bathroom or kitchen or for decorative accents throughout your living space. Since both Blue and White colors are used in this tile, they can look great in a bathroom. The choice between bright and dark hues ultimately comes down to personal style. Dark hues like deep navy can provide drama and a somber elegance, while light colors like white make the space more open and airy. 

You can also protect your kitchen counters in style by using them as hot pot trivets. These handcrafted pieces are both functional and decorative! 

Material and Quality

They are crafted from high-quality Fine and glazed clays. These tiles are durable and long-lasting, ensuring they will maintain their beauty for years. Orientile is handmade in Isfahan, Iran. 


Fine and glazed clays

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