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Setare Qazi Wall Tile

Setare Qazi Wall Tile

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Setare Qazi  Wall Tile

Celebrating the Singular Shape of Star Tiles

Discover our unique collection of star-shaped clay wall tiles, echoing the artistic traditions of Kashan in central northern Iran. These tiles carry a touch of history and beauty that can enhance any space.

  • Timeless Design: Our tiles draw inspiration from the famous 'kashi' style of the 7th to 14th centuries in Kashan, Iran.
  • Vibrant Look: These tiles bring brightness and color to any setting, adding a special glow that's hard to miss.
  • Charming Details: Each tile showcases lovely bird, deer, and fish designs set against a leafy background, capturing nature's elegance.
  • Meaningful Symbols: These star-shaped tiles are more than just decor; they symbolize beauty and balance. The 8-pointed star, once linked to the goddess Ishtar and the planet Venus, represents femininity and protection.


Create a stunning feature wall in your kitchen, terrace, balcony, or fireplace, or indulge your creative DIY spirit. These tiles are baked at 1250°C for timeless durability and style. You can also protect your kitchen counters in style by using them as hot pot trivets. These handcrafted pieces are both functional and decorative!

Material and Quality

They are crafted from high-quality fine and glazed clays. These tiles are durable and long-lasting, ensuring they will maintain their beauty for years. Orientile is handmade in Isfahan.


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